The Sun Hat Makes the Statement

This sun hat has become a staple in my closet this summer.

It was purchased not just for aesthetic appeal, but for my own protection! Regardless of my morning ritual of applying my spf 50 facial lotion, I still managed to get a tan!

You must be wondering why I am trying to fight the beauty of a tan – the evidence of summer. Well, to save money on foundation! 🙂 Not to mention, prevent further sun damage to my skin.

I was trying my darnedest not to tan so that I could continue wearing my Smashbox BB Water foundation. (Which I snagged for a mere $27 at Ulta as one of their special deals of the day. Priced at $42) I love that thing. And being just a slight shade darker meant having to buy something another shade. (Yes, those few minutes with the sun beaming on your face makes all the difference.)

Let’s get back to the hat. Yes, the hat! This wonderfully, huge, floppy hat was a steal at your local Target. I forget that this style hat adds the type of drama that is the envy of every little girl. My first two compliments were by two little girls at the farmer’s market on two separate occasions. Nothing like an honest kid to tell you that you are looking good while also acknowledging to yourself that… yes, you did good.

Tag price: $14.99

Purchased price: $8.98

Purchased during a promotional 30% off hats and accessories. An additional 5% off as a red card member. With tax, final price is as above.


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