Welcome to Shop the Chic

The first blog ever of something I’ve always wanted to start. Shopping, fashion, and looking the best version of yourself without dropping down the Benjamins.

Shop the Chic has come a long way in my mind. It has always been a desire of mine to review items. This long journey has finally come from my brain to blog.

Chic as an adjective is defined as elegantly and stylishly fashionable. Chic as a noun; stylishness and elegance, typically a specified kind.

So let’s agree that chic is obviously looking elegant while also looking fashionable.

Guilty through and through, I am a self-proclaimed extreme shopper. If it’s on sale or clearance and chic, I will buy it! I am an avid believer that you do not have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks, but I won’t argue that a million bucks can sure help. 😉  However, I also do believe in investing more money in key pieces. You will see in my blog posts to come!

Why is this blog so important to me? Because I’ve always researched for the kind of reviews that I will begin to post. The question of to buy or not to buy has always irked me in time of limited time sales. This has triggered the need for me to contribute my opinion, ideas and experience in shopping to help others with the same shopping dilemma.

Why is this blog going to be important to you? I will review and you can judge the investment. This will be for you as much as it is for me.

On top of that, I will tell you how to get the best deals and go into the nitty gritty of how to use the coupons to save you more. Remember, I am going to help you look like a dime without spending a dime more than you should. And all the while, this journey will take us on an adventure to SHOP THE CHIC! So let’s start this shopping journey together.


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