November Goodies

What’s in my bag?

  • Macy’s – Super Saturday
  • H&M – Black Friday
  • Sephora – Black Friday
  • Ulta – Cyber Monday

All month, I was carefully watching this particular necklace that I really wanted to pair with my bridesmaid dress. So as the holidays started creeping up, I kept my Macy’s tab up and decided to refresh it one day.

Lo and behold, the price dropped dramatically. This was cause for celebration! I jumped for joy as I estactially clicked “add to bag”.

Givenchy Y Necklace – Reg. $58/Priced 43.50


Now, earrings to match.

Giani Bernini Cubic Zirconia Linear Drop Earrings in 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver – Reg. 90/Priced 22.50


For extra savings, I redeemed my plenti points worth about $37.00. So I basically paid about $15 each per accessory! Score! — Register for those plenti points. It’s free.

My other steal from Macy’s. These lovely leaf earrings purchased by my dear and loving husband. I love them so much! Reg. 100/Priced 25.00


Blazing through all the websites on Black Friday, I put my money on H&M. With 30% off all items and free shipping, I added five garments in my bag.

  1. Turtleneck mesh sweater (black) – Reg. 34.99/Paid 24.49
  2. Sleeveless Mock turtleneck (white) – Reg. 17.99/Paid 12.59 *Returned & Not photographed
  3. Pencil Skirt (black) – Reg. 12.99/Sale Price 9.99
  4. Bodysuit with Mesh Detail (white) – Reg. 17.99/Sale Price 5.99
  5. Jersey Bodysuit (gray) – Promotional Price and Item of the day 4.99

With tax, everything came to 61.01. (Photos below are courtesy of my husband! :P)

Yes… I am loving the turtleneck comeback. I was never a big fan, BUT seeing how it can be worn these days, I am jumping on that bandwagon. I love the sophisticated and elegant look of the turtleneck. It covers up and elongates your torso. (And I have a short torso.)

*The white sleeveless turtleneck was returned due to the thin material and the tightness of the fit. It was just completely unflattering! However, I am actually quite happy to get money back on my card. Cha ching!

Shopping for all my ladies out there, I snagged many of the Black Friday $10 beauty kits from Sephora.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 5.42.44 PM.png
Bare Minerals and Josie Maran were priced at $12 while the rest of the items were priced at $10. Two lucky girls got the $12 upgrade.

Although Ulta couldn’t really beat Sephora in the $10 value department, I was able to snag something for the guys from Ulta. Jack Black – Best of Jack

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 8.21.19 PM.png
Best of Jack – Reg. 18.50/Purchased for 12.00

And something for myself…

This product sells so well that it often sells out during sales and promotions. **Currently 50% off + free shipping on all orders on The Body Shop. 12/12/16




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