Hot Item of the Week

If you haven’t heard… The Limited is having a crazy sale this season.

Currently 80% off sweaters and 70% off everything else. Final Sale!

So what’s the big deal??? Are they closing??

It seems that The Limited will not confirm news of their closure neither are they denying the claim.

So what’s a girl gotta do? A girl shops! Selection is crazy low online, but you may be able to find some more options at your nearest store.

I purchased the cold shoulder sweater in color oatmeal, size XS (regular), in store at 70% off. IT IS NOT AVAILABLE in that color or size online. You can one up on me and get one today at 80% off (80% off offer valid online only).

Priced at 69.95/Current Sale Price 13.99

The Good: It’s crazy cheap and totally chic! For $20, I’m definitely feeling good in this sweater.

The Bad: I wasn’t too keen on the regular size XS. I have no idea how the petite XS would fit, but note that the sides are super baggy by the cold shoulder.

The Verdict: I love this sweater. I would recommend it for that price. Even now, at $13.99, why not? The baggy sides made me hesitant, but honestly, I was looking for a baggy, loose fitting sweater anyway. I want to be warm but comfortable without showing off the winter love handles that the sugar cookies have left behind.

The sweater leaves room for breathing and is comfortable for wear. I would definitely recommend sizing down from your normal size for this sweater.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your sweater today!

**My size for reference and measure: 5’2.5, about 127 lbs, A cup


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