Tarte Holiday Lip Paint Set

First off, Tarte was having a 30% off friends and family discount with free shipping on a $25 or more purchase that ended on Sunday, 12/11.

I’ve been eyeing their holiday lip paint set for awhile after testing it in the Ulta store.

The Good: The price! Originally set at $42. I was able to get it for $29.40. For 8 bottles of lip paint, you’re getting a sample size amount of lip color for $3.68 instead of $5.25. You have to admit, $5.25 is a pretty steep price for 0.034 oz of product.

Another great thing that I love about Tarte’s lip paint is the color selection. I love love love the colors! The color that I am most in love with is “Perf” which is described as a plummy rose.

The Bad: Many reviews have stated that they dry out your lips.

I always put on chapstick in the morning and put on the lip paint after. So my experience with the lip color is that it doesn’t really dry that quickly. It actually slides around a bit. HOWEVER, it WILL dry later on as time and air allows the formula to finally dry properly. There have been some experiences of other ladies who have used it and intended it to dry right away and, it instead, gave them a lipstick mustache. So beware.

Final Verdict: I bought the lip set for the colors moreso than for the formula. So I’m not super psyched about the formula, but I’d recommend this set for playing with the colors.

Is it worth full price? No. I’d rather invest $42 on two full-sized liquid lipsticks that I like.

I’ve tried and own Anastasia’s Beverly Hills Liquid lipstick, Stila’s, and Too Faced. In my opinion, Stila’s formula is the best formula. It does not budge. The color payoff is great. I could eat, drink and even go to the gym without losing color at all. I also love the scent. It’s got a nice perfumey scent that is not too offensive or strong. On the other hand, if you don’t like scent in your lipsticks, don’t buy this one.

My second favorite is Too Faced. I wore for it my friend’s wedding and did not have to reapply at all throughout the day. Her wedding photos clearly show that evidence. It’s a winner in my book! It, is, however, slightly drying. I would recommend having your lips scrubbed and moisturized – which I did for my friend’s big day.

Running in third is Anastasia. As much as I love ABH products, her liquid lip formula doesn’t hold as well as Stila’s and Too Faced. As soon as you eat something oily, it will glide right off like cookies in milk. But it dries and holds much better than Tarte’s Lip Paint. Additionally, the lip color selection kinda slays the liquid lip color game in my opinion. Those instagrams got people gramming left and right and with reason!

Bonus Sample: Tarte added a black lip crayon in my order. Yes, black!


Why black? Most likely because no one is ordering this black lip crayon. So I asked myself… what would I do with this IF I DID order it?

This black lip crayon would be great for contouring your lips. The formula is creamy though. Beware. I did some review searching and read other reviewers complain about the formula.

My thoughts? I agree. It would not be a lip crayon I’d consider ever buying. It slides off quickly and can get pretty messing with contouring. My tip would be to use this black crayon to contour WITH A LIP BRUSH. You’ll be more precise with the contouring without adding too much black in every other line your draw. The color does come up very dark jet lack like liner for your eyes. So a brush would be your best bet to blend out that stark black and contour your lips.


**The Tarte Holiday Lip Paint Set is sold out on their website. But you can still purchase the set at Ulta by clicking this link: Tarte Holiday Lip Paint Set

If you missed the Friends and Family discount period, you can still redeem the set at a discounted price if you’re a platinum member at Ulta. Currently, platinium members have until Christmas Eve to use a special 20% off prestige brands at this time (one time use). Happy Shopping!


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