My Holiday Haul

Although these great sales don’t necessarily pertain to the style in your closet, it certainly adds some super savings to your wallet. Read on to see how you can save on amazing gift wrapping and other essential items for yourself right now.

CVS and Walgreens are currently slashing 50% off their Christmas gift sets, decor, and many other items that can be used for next year or… right now!



My holiday haul includes Inspirations foil (from Hallmark) wrapping paper for $2.49 each. Marked at 50% off of their $4.99 price, I purchased two designs that could be used year round and two Christmas themed wrapping paper for next year.

It was just my luck that I happened to find this Batiste dry shampoo set marked 50% off. It was priced at $10, and I paid $5 for the set. Breaking it down, it came to approximately $1.66 per 1.6 oz bottle.


I’ll be testing out Batiste and see how this dry shampoo holds up in comparison to Aveeno. I’ve just finished my can of Aveeno and though, I didn’t dislike it, I didn’t love it either.

With rave reviews on Ulta, I’m excited to find out if this brand is worth the hype.

**Batiste 1.6 oz travel size dry shampoo bottles are regularly priced at the following stores:

  • Ulta for $3.99
  • Urban Outfitters for $5.00
  • Target for $2.99


I often don’t utilize bows much in my gift wrapping, but it’s good to have them when I do decide to add a little pizzazz.

I paid $1.50 for a 20 count bow bag and $3.00 for a roll of twine consisting of three colors: pink, navy, and red (60 ft each color; 180 feet total).


**Along with Walgreens and CVS, Target is also currently marking their Christmas items at 50% off.


Pop into your local Ulta for their stocking stuffer sale items. Originally, 5 for $10, all these items are now priced .99 per item. They include soaps, sanitizer sprays, shower caps, lotions, mascara wands, lip balms, etc. Basically, all the little odds and ends that you’d fit into a gift bag for a friend or coworker.

I picked up a shower cap, pack of mascara wands, and sanitizer spray. The cap will be put to use as I start my dry shampoo routine, the mascara wands are great to try out different brushes with your favorite mascara formula, and the sanitizer spray is a lifesaver in the purse.

Get saving and grab some essential items on your shopping list!



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