The Choker Trend

Chokers have been around for awhile. If you know your history, you can credit this phenomenon to the ancient Egyptians. These people really know style!

However, I am sure that most of us probably has really remembered it making a hit in the 90s if you were 90s child. (I know I was!) Today’s comeback of the choker has come back with a vengence with choker neckleces, choker sweaters, choker tanks, and choker dresses! It’s a nice substitute to the turtleneck.

The choker clothing piece gives the appearance of a high neck with a cutout neckline. It’s sexy yet conservative. I really am loving it!

However, looking back on my wardrobe, my rule of thumb is to limit my trend pieces to a couple only. Once the trend is out, you’re going to want to wish you didn’t invest in so many “silly” pieces of clothing.

So, once Express had their 50% sale (with free shipping on all online orders), I took advantage of getting myself a ribbed sleeveless cut-out choker sweater in amazon green.

Express Ribbed Sleeveless Cut-Out Choker Sweater – 19.95; Express Low Rise Pleated Jogger Pant

I love green! It’s absolutely one of my favorite colors.

I love that this choker sweater is a tank top. You have those winter days where wearing a sweater is nice outside until someone turns up the heat inside. This piece gives the option to layer on without the commitment of sweating all day. 🙂

In the photo below, you’ll see that my bra lining is showing. So yes, be aware. Best to show what you could be buying and dealing with.


Is it a dealbreaker? Not for me. I would say that for $19.95, it was worth the buy. (Reg. Price 39.90)

Check out what the husband’s finds at Express here.


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