The Lorac Conceal and Contour Palette

I got¬†this baby at a steal. But, isn’t that the point? ūüôā

Priced¬†at $45, this hot¬†buy¬†popped up in my email on December 24th.¬†I was able to get this during Ulta’s hot buy sale at 50% off while also¬†adding my 20% off coupon on top of that¬†(exclusive coupon redeemable on prestige brands).

That means that I paid…drumroll please…

 $18 for this Lorac Conceal and Contour Palette

Now that we got the price down, let’s evaluate the value.

This conceal and contour palette comes with 12 shades. Each row from top to bottom serves a different purpose. The first row is the concealer, second row is contour, and the third row is the highlighter. Additionally, this palette includes¬†a double end brush. One end is for the contouring and the other end is for the concealer. Although not ideal for contouring, it’s a free brush nonetheless.

As you can see, the concealer and contouring shades have been used. The highlighter shades just do not come out of the pan smoothly.

Let’s break¬†down the cost based on what I paid for it. So I basically purchased each square of color for $1.50 whereas their¬†asking price of $45 for the palette is $3.75 a square. That’s a whopping $2.25 savings per square.

The Good:

  • The assortment of colors. You can mix and match to get the right shade of concealer or bronzer. Custom blend for yourself or clients.
  • Size. It’s compact. Perfect for the traveler.
  • It comes with a free brush. Not the best, but usable.
The free dual ended brush that comes with the palette. (above) Bristles are hard and stiff. Not your ideal contour brush.

The Bad:

  • The pigmentation. I can’t see it… I don’t see it… Don’t get me wrong, there is some bronzing happening. However, once you start blending the bronzer, it begins to disappear. I took a snapshot with my iphone and I can’t even tell I have bronzer on.
  • The concealer is creamy and blendable, but it¬†doesn’t look¬†like it’s really “concealing” anything.
  • The highlighter is… how do I want to say this? DRY. Swipe left, swipe right, swipe on face. Nothing. It just doesn’t show up on my skin. You’re better off investing in a good Becca highlighter or a brand that specializes in highlighting products.
  • The squares are super small. You will be needing a smaller brush than the one provided to get the contouring shades out of the pan. The size of the squares are equivalent to your standard eye shadow squares. (1 inch in length¬†and .75 inches in width)

The Final Verdict: For $18, it was worth trying this palette. I had my eye on this palette when it first came out and I feel let down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t rate as high as its sister powder palette. If purchased at¬†$45, I¬†would¬†feel ripped off. I would not recommend purchasing this palette. I would have to agree with all the low rating reviews on Ulta. This cream contour palette is just not a winner for me.

If blended slowly and carefully, the bronzer stays in place with pigmentation. However, I like to blend my bronzer seamlessly. So this will take some adjustment to make sure that the cream bronzer stays in place.

I added additional bronzing with Too Faced Chocolate Soleil to set the cream and add more definition to the contouring. Information on other products: Nails – OPI Red, Lips – Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick.

I would have to say that I got more pigmentation out of my Anastasia Contour palette (which I lost but have not replaced) and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer.

Am I going to keep it? I’ll use it up, I suppose. For $18, I guess I’ll ride this one out.





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