Mock Turtleneck Dresses

Happy first day of spring!

I am so happy to feature mock turtleneck dresses! They’re body-hugging, slim-fitting, sexy but demure, chic dresses to rock this spring.

The mock turtleneck adds comfort and security that ensure the girls won’t be coming out to play. It also isn’t the full traditional turtleneck wear that usually makes you feel like you are stuck in a neck brace. I love the mock!

With that said, I decided to pick up two from Macy’s. One in an evergreen color and the other in black and white stripes. Both have a nice reveal in the back.

First up is the ruched mock-neck dress by Chelsea Sky. You can find this dress at Macy’s. I purchased this dress for 22.49. Today (03/20/2017) you can do better and get it for 17.49!

I paired this dress with the white Zara boyfriend blazer along with these comfy block sandals by Naturalizer. The nude block shoes have comfortable soles for what Naturalizer is often known for. It was purchased at TJMaxx for 29.99. The accessories worn by Kimberly were all gifts given to me. The earrings were featured in a previous post (by Giani Bernini) and were purchased for 25.00 at Macy’s.

I was afraid that the dress would be too long for me as I referenced the Macy’s model, but it was actually perfectly above my knee height (I’m 5’2 for reference). Here, Kimberly is 5’3 for reference. The dress material has been reviewed by others as thin, but I find that perfect for this upcoming warm weather.

Though the material is thin, I find it makes it a piece you could get away for wearing year round. I can definitely see this dress be worn alone in warm weather or paired with leggings and a blazer for colder temperatures.

The material is made of rayon and spandex. So it is stretchy, but form fitting. There is ruching which adds some texture and can be forgiving in the mid-section. However, if you’re conscious about your tummy or curves, I would advise against this dress as you would want to feel your best.

In short, I feel amazing in this dress! I love the cut, the fit, the color, and … the back!

With the big cut-out in the back, the dress is super sexy for a date night. Though it may too much for day wear unless you’re feeling bold. A jacket seems to help bring the dress down to casual wear while wearing it alone dresses it up.

Now let’s talk black and white.

This next dress is by Teeze Me. It was purchased at 14.44. Unfortunately for you, it’s no longer available for purchase. However, that doesn’t mean this is the only black and white striped mock dress out there. I love the versatility of this dress. It’s timeless. Time and time again, we’ve seen stripes make an appearance, and it has proven to be a piece that can be dressed for almost any occasion.


Unlike the Chelsea Sky dress, pairing this dress with a blazer will spruce this dress up for a fancy event while wearing it alone may make it more casual.

Similar to the Chelsea Sky dress, it’s made of spandex and rayon. So the fit will be the same. Again, if you’re not comfortable with your body, I would advise against it. Though, it’s definitely worth investing if you’re not.

These dresses are definitely worthy pieces in my closet. They’re comfortable, versatile, and hardly broke the bank. I am looking forward to wearing dresses more often this year, especially these mock turtleneck dresses!


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