My Spring Fling: Shoes

What is a girl’s next best friend after¬†a beautiful rock?

Shoes! We are guilty through and through.

Red, purple, nude, and more. Colors of the rainbow, galore.

Today is going to be all about my new favorite shoes for Spring…heck, for everyday! You will find out that it’s all about comfort in the end. ūüėČ

First up… my solid number one: Ballet Flats!


Forget $175 Tieks! (Though I am sure that they are as comfy as they claim.)

I picked up these comfy, nude flats from Boston Store during their Goodwill sale this past March. The shoes are from brand, Naturalizer! Leather upper exterior. Comfy goodness interior.

I should mention that I suffer from a bunion on my right foot. Which means that my left foot is normal while my right foot is not. These shoes take form of your feet. They’re basically slippers for outdoor wear.¬†I wear these almost everyday because of the comfort, versatility, and ease of slipping them on and off by the door.

The interior sole of the shoe is a dream. It feels like pillow slippers Рso buttery soft. I could literally wear them everyday without complaint. We are about to be the best of friends this year.

I should mention that since these shoes take shape of your feet, the leather exterior does tend to crease.

They’re no longer available in this color. (Wow!) I purchased it with my 30% off Goodwill coupon for $46. You can get the same style, different color in Naturalizer’s “Brittany” Ballet Flats.

Second up… purple heel blocks from ALDO!


I purchased this pair during their 50% off select styles. Of course, I just feel in love with the gold heel detail and the criss cross ankle straps. Okay, and the purple magenta color. I love everything about these shoes.

They are just so comfy and chic. The ease of slipping in and out like a villain is so attainable with the zipper in the back.

I think we can agree that these shoes make a bold statement!


Unfortunately, these beauties are no longer selling. They were purchased for $34. If I could state one con about them, it would be that they could be a little more comfortable for wear. However, that is an easy fix with a gel sole liner.

Lastly, but not my least favorite, my heel block sandals from Naturalizer! Yes, Naturalizer takes the win again.


Unlike my first pair, this pair was adopted from TJMaxx. It was a spontaneous find. The adoption fee was 29.99 and a well-spent 29.99.

I did go back and forth on it. I was just about to walk away from it when I decided that it was well worth to have a pair of block heels from Naturalizer, nonetheless! It is my declaration this year that my feet are going to be loved, and they are going to be loved right this spring and summer.

The only con I have to say about these block sandals are the tedious straps. I don’t like the old school, find-the-hole strap. I love my slip-on shoes and the zipper backs. However, as I don’t own too many of these types of shoes that take five minutes to strap feet in, I¬†decided to¬†oblige to a cute, comfy pair that make it worth the time.

IMG_3698Guess where you might have seen these before?! Look below!


And that is my Monday report to you all. Dress chic and wear it all day on your feet!


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