Mixing Patterns

This week is all about mixing patterns. As these following pieces in today’s blog are old pieces from my collection, you will not find them today. But fashion is all about finding your pieces and taking these tips to create your own look. So read up!


Mixing patterned clothing is often a challenge as it can go awry if not done correctly. Yes, there is a way to pair pattern pieces seamlessly.

My rules are the following:

They have to have matching colors, and that is not to say that all the colors in the pattern have to match. Keep in mind that different patterns can be matched as long as there is a shared elemental trait between the pieces. Below you will see I chose a theme color of black and white to mix two different patterns. The skirt has black polka dots on white fabric and the shirt is black and white stripes with solid black in the back.

Outfit number 1 is good, old black and white!

Shirt is from The Limited. Necklace is from Kohl’s. Skirt is from Express.

The outfit was accessorized with a belt to avoid clashing the patterns together. Observe and copy… And there you have it! Who knew stripes and dots could be friends?

Outfit number 2 is simple and chic.

This dress was purchased at H&M and is owned by model, Catalina. The way the dress is designed is just stunning. It clings to the lower body and shows your curves while creating a loose top with a backless detail. This design definitely is reminiscent of the 1930s. It makes me think of Keira Knightley’s green dress in Atonement.


What I love about patterned dresses is that the pattern and design already make the dress. It’s not necessary to accessorize. Slip on the dress, put on your face, and you’re good to go! Definitely a style for the simple and the chic gals out there.

Outfit number 3 is casual chic.

I love the loose fit of the pant and the black body suit. The body suit is cut lower on the sides adding a sexy reveal of skin without showing too much. This outfit definitely screams Summer Chic.

With this outfit we kept it simple and safe by mixing a pattern piece with a solid color. You can’t go wrong with that. Notice how the black top complements the bottom piece because they share the same color? Imagine a bold top with this pant such as red or fuchsia. It might work, but going with a color that is within the pattern is usually a good bet that it will undoubtedly pair well.

Black bodysuit is from Forever21. Striped White Pant is from Versona.

Wide pants seem to be making a nice comeback this season. I say forget the skinnies! I’m loving the look and the comfort of the wide pant. I think it makes for a sophisticated look  without the chaos of trying to slip on the skinny pant this summer. Plus hot, sticky legs do not sound appealing.

Think sunny, breezy days in the summer weather. This is your outfit.

What are you waiting for? Shop for those patterns and be bold! Mix up a look that you know can pull off effortlessly. Until next week, shop the chic!



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