Behind the Deals

coldshoulder03Behind the shopping deals is an avid shopper, me!

I reside in Wisconsin with my husband. No pets, no children (so far); just the two of us. We just married in August 2015 and taking this marriage thing very seriously. ūüôā

I am a full-time professional photographer and this blog is another love of mine. “Shop the Chic” was created as inspiration to share my thoughts and secrets on adding to¬†your wardrobe without trimming too much fat off your wallet.

How did this take root? I come from a family of eleven children and owning nice things ¬†was far and inbetween. Growing up, I had a really bad tendency to spend all my money on anything I desired. This often led¬†me to an¬†unhappy and very negative balance checking account. (pun unintended) ūüôā

This often bothered my husband (then boyfriend). So when we decided to make the responsible decision on a joint account (yes!), I had to find a way to get what I wanted without also receiving his wrath.

For me, shopping is like a passionate treasure hunt. Everyone¬†wants to look good, but the challenge is to find what looks good on you. The next challenge¬†after that is evaluating the¬†cost of looking good. That, of course, is¬†subjective. But I am here to help everyone get they want to wear without having to pay the full price on that tag. Let’s look at what it¬†can cost you if you use your resources correctly. Let’s shop the chic!