• Open Macy’s Credit Card: Save 20% on top of your purchase the whole day (Up to $100 only)

I used to own a Macy’s credit card. This was when I was getting married, looking for jewelry and they had a sale going on their fine jewelry. So why not save an extra 20% on top of the 40% ? Sold.

However, beware. Like all store credit cards, their interest rate is high. I had always made my payment on time in full except this one time when I totally forgot about it while I was on vacation. So I cancelled it after I couldn’t get it waived. Customer loyalty and on-time payment is nothing to them!

But, really, Jean, can you save?!

The answer is yes! Rarely though.

  • Super Saturdays and Super Sundays are the best times to shop.
  • Double your savings if you earn points through Plenti Rewards. You accumulate points that turn into cash by using services such as AT&T (recently changed that it must be on autopay to receive points), Mobil and/or Exxon gas stations, Expedia, and other services. Click on this link to find out more about the Plenti point partners.

As I mentioned, the plenti points turn into cash. That cash is used like a gift card, and you can apply it towards any of the services partnered with plenti points.