Pang’s Outfit

If you liked Pang’s outfit in my blog post, The Purse and the Tassel, and want to know more about the pieces, then you are in luck.

Read what Pang has to say on the outfit pieces (that she owned and that I styled together).


Moto Jacket: Gap Outlet, purchased at $20

I really loved this jacket the moment I saw it. The color, fabric and silver details as well as the zipper pockets. I knew that if I invested in it, I could dress it up or wear it casually. It’s wool, so it is warmer than it looks. I also really love that it crops off around my hip area.

Stripe Black and White Dress: Target for $25-$30 (WhoWhatWear label)

I was looking for a dress for the summer season, and I always try to find something that can go for more than just one season. So when I came upon this dress, I thought I’d give it a try. It took me a few glances, but I knew I liked the subtle flow at the bottom of the dress. I’m a fan of stripes so the vertical stripes caught my attention. The neckline was interesting and the overall cut of the dress made me feel comfortable wearing it. It’s a dress I can wear with sneakers or heels.

Franco Sarto Heels: Secondhand from my sister in Colorado.

When I received these shoes, they were barely ever worn. My initial thought when I saw them was – “I gotta wear these with some cool jeans.” These heels are cute and simple with the duo look of night and day.